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Horror | Fiction | 2021 | Brazil


Directed by: Evandro Caixeta and João Gilberto Lara

Portuguese language

Release date: April 9, 2021

Rating: 14 years

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Fantaspoa is the largest film festival dedicated exclusively to fantastic genre films in Latin America. 'AzulScuro' was awarded the Best National Short Film in the Festival's Popular Jury category.


Fantasia is the largest film festival in North America dedicated exclusively to fantastic genre films. 'AzulScuro' was selected to be exhibited there.


After her sister’s mysterious death, Sofia comes across new evidence that might enlighten the case, while demoniac entities lurk in the darkness.​

A great mystery surrounds the alleged suicide of Alice dos Anjos. She was found dead by her sister at their home and the case has not yet been solved. One year after her disappearance, other youngsters have also gone missing and left behind similar traces to the ones found in Alice's crime scene: water all over the place and drawings of demoniac figures on the walls.

On the anniversary of the fateful date, Sofia is alone and emotional, but the news of the recent disappearances encourages her to look for answers about what might have happened to her sister. While her investigation moves forward through fragmented clues in her mobile phone memory, an unknown profile adds her on Instagram. It does not have photos, only a story of a woman wearing a dress and an evil shadow. The demoniac entity performs some supernatural events on Sofia´s mobile phone, making her more and more paranoid.


Created by QU4RTO STUDIO


Directed by: Evandro Caixeta and João Gilberto


Screenplay: Evandro Caixeta and André Oliveira


Art direction: Raquel A Cardoso

Art Assistant: Camila Alvarez

Stylist: Georgia Brant

Assistant Director: Oliverzort

Photography direction: João Gilberto and Evandro Caixeta

Direct sound: Vitor Brandão

Gaffer: João Bispo


Design: Taís Ribeiro and Camila Abdanur

Animation: João Gilberto and Taís Ribeiro

Edition: Evandro Caixeta

Sound design: Vitor Brandão and Lucas Leone

Mix: Lucas Leone

Cast Production: Denise Bernardes

Production: André Oliveira


Larissa Bocchino as Sofia

Lavinia Bocchino as Alice

Cecília Parreira as Fernanda

Neise Neves as a Mother


Moons - My Cave

Moons - Creatures of the Night

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