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Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Drama | Brazil


Directed and Written by: Evandro Caixeta and João Gilberto Lara

Language: English, Portuguese

Release date: TBA

Rating: 12 years


Ariel is a painter who finds herself stuck in a creative slump that threatens her career as well as her own sanity. She is crumbling beneath the weight of her debilitating depression and the ever-shortening deadlines of her employers, becoming increasingly paranoid and isolating herself completely from the world. Her psychological struggles start to haunt her in the shape of a dreaded antagonistic figure called The Shadow, an archetypal oppressor figure that prevents her creativity from flourishing.


Meanwhile, her own ego takes the shape of the Astronaut, a solitary figure that roams a deserted landscape looking for something that might awaken Ariel from her creative and psychological slumber.

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